Terms of service of Nightwalk Studios

We welcome you to the world of Nightwalk! We hope you have fun in our universes and in our communities.


However, in order to keep our community safe and ensure the moral integrity of the studio, following the terms of service is mandatory.


These terms apply to our games and communities (Discord and others.)


- Privacy Policy

Nightwalk is not responsible for your data collected in our games. Your data is handled by roblox and you can check Roblox's data privacy policy here.

Nightwalk is only responsible for your information collected through forms and/or other formal services and activities.

We have a duty to ensure the protection of this data under all possible circumstances.

- Community Rules

The Nightwalk community rules must be followed in our games and on our servers or official community channels.

Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in banning or other punishment.


Some punishments may be considered very serious and may result in a Nightwalk "Blacklist", making it impossible for you to join any game or server in the Nightwalk community.


Keep in mind that each game and community has its own rules, but these are general rules that apply to all Nightwalk products and their servers.

1. Toxic members.

- To ensure good coexistence between users in our community, cursing, offending, disturbing, and among other activities considered "toxic" will result in banishment.

2. Exploit use or bug abuse.

- Use of exploit or bug abuse will result in a permanent ban from our games and may result in a community ban depending on the severity of the exploit.

3. Disruption to a community official

- Disruption of a community employee is not tolerated and may result in punishment. The employee will reserve the right to punish or not and to decide the due infraction

4. NSFW Content

- Uploading pornography is not tolerated on any of our official channels

5. Racism, homophobia, religious intolerance, etc.

- Nightwalk held by common sense, empathy and respect among members so that our community can be a peaceful community where everyone can have fun, therefore racism, homophobia, religious intolerance and etc. are not allowed under any circumstances

6. Violation of moral rights

- Violating moral rights includes: defaming nightwalk or its members, using nightwalk products or services without proper permission. Impersonating a Nightwalk employee to perform unethical acts harmful to a member or the community.

7. Misuse of game pass

- Using a product purchased in-game to disrupt the experience of other players will result in a ban from our game and permanent loss of gamepass. By purchasing the gamepass you agree to our terms and the roblox terms. As developers, we have the right to remove a gamepass if the need arises.

8. Promote raids and disturbances

- Any act that could encourage raids and disruptions on Nightwalk servers and affiliates, as well as their games will result in a ban on everyone involved.
      A. Entering our servers for the purpose of teasing is prohibited.
      B. The administrator will reserve the right to ban all participating members no matter how small their participation.
      C. In cases of organized raid, the organizer may be legally punished depending on the damage caused.

      D. External disturbance, teasing or insults on other servers in public or private member of the corporation may result in banishment from Nightwalk services


9. Debauchery and jokes
- With or without the intention of offending an entity or the Nightwalk Studios brand, it will be plausible to punish


- Refunds and concerns

Nightwalk studios does not offer refunds for your gamepass or virtual products.

To obtain a refund, you must contact Roblox support and it will be their decision.

A. Gamepass content may be changed at any time without prior notice from the developer.
B. Nightwalk Studios is responsible for delivering what the gamepass promises players or providing plausible justification.
C. A gamepass may be deleted at any time, at the discretion of the developers, without notice.

By purchasing a gamepass, you agree to these terms. These terms are passed on and approved by Roblox and carry a valid warranty.


- Bans

Each Nightwalk game and service has its own moderation as well as its own rules, so to request removal of your ban on any game associated with Nightwalk, you must contact the administration of that game.

In serious cases or cases considered unfair by yourself, you can contact Nightwalk support directly via email: info@nightwstudios.com describing your situation in detail so that we can help.

General Principle of Regulation by Hermeutics

For the logical and partisan suitability of NightWalk Studios, we make it clear that, as a development body, we follow and respect the Roblox Terms of Use and Privacy. Cases and internal flows in properties pertaining to NightWalk Studios must be taken as mediation acts with the instituted team; all norms and terms proposed by the organization must be respected. As an imperative presentation, the user must be aware of the imposition of coercibility according to the applications of:

       I – publication of improper and immoral matters – permanent removal of the organization's properties;
       II – mistreatment by the community;
       III – moral and psychological damages;
       IV – harmful and widely repudiated actions;
        V – false representation by secondary accounts.


On different grounds, without description by background or social logic, the Management of NightWalk Studios will take the specific case by hierarchical power as a resolution reference. Following hermeneutics, they will be able to interpret the case following the legal principles established by the Constitution, without causing any damage, acting with equity and impartiality. Your decision is final and irrevocable, except by general decision of the team.

These terms may change at any time without notice. If you have any questions, please contact us via our email: info@nightwstudios.com

Last update: 03/29/2022 - 2:30PM GMT-3